Why Luxembourg

In the heart of Europe

Luxembourg as an ideal intercontinental operations logistic hub in Europe

Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe. It offers many strategic advantages for global companies that aim to lead their business to success in, from and to Europe. Especially for contract, air and rail freight-based logistic activities, Luxembourg became an intercontinental logistics hub in Europe.

  • Heart of Europe
  • Intercontinental logistics hub
  • Nearby and easy to reach
  • Political stability
  • Multicultural and multilingual
  • A European capital
  • Legislation which favors foreign investment
  • Harmonized with EU directives (free movement of goods and services)

Cross-border Sales

  • Luxembourg is the centre of the Grande-Région, highly attractive for cross-border Sales
  • Luxembourg has very low taxes on tobacco and alcohol
  • The Grande-Région is a highly integrated cross-border area in the heart of Europe with high cross-border economic activity, counting more than 200,000 cross-border commuters in total.
Grande region